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About Us

Himalayan Consensus is a fresh economic development paradigm built upon the three principles of:

  1. protecting ethnic diversity and indigenous identity
  2. through sustainable economic programs or socially-responsible businesses
  3. which prioritize environmental protection and community development

Himalayan Consensus is not established on any one model or economic theory. Rather it is drawn from collective experiences across the Himalayan region (such as Bhutan's concept of Gross National Happiness to Bangladesh's micro-finance) where local knowledge has proved successful in creating pragmatic solutions to development challenges.

It is flexible in its approach, basing solutions on local conditions, and in this respect entirely applicable in other regions of the world facing challenges of poverty alleviation, ethnic minority marginalization, and environmental desecration.


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Himalayan Consensus gratefully accepts cash donations or gift-in-kind items. We also seek corporate sponsorship. For more information, click here, or email info@himalayanconsensus.org.

Consensus TV

Consensus TV

Watch videos and learn more about Himalayan Consensus and our Consensus Communities using our new Consensus TV WebPlayer.

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Himalayan Consensus Communities

Any ongoing project can be recognized as a Himalayan Consensus Community if it supports our key objectives of ethnic diversity, sustainable economics and cutural preservation.

Himalayan Consensus Communities can range from small village workshops or farming associations to larger artisan production lines and geo-tourism lodges. The size and scale of each program is not as important as the spirit and intention behind it.


Himalayan Consensus Certified

Himalayan Consensus Certified is a recognition awarded to individuals, associations, organizations or socially responsible businesses recognized by the Himalayan Consensus Institute as adhering to and supporting the principles of Himalayan Consensus.

A certificate acknowledging that the program supports ethnic diversity and cultural sustainable development is awarded. This certificate may be used to promote the work, services or products of the awarded organization or program.