Sharma was an accomplished mechanical engineer who joined the Bhutan government. After many years he left the government to start his own business using excavators for the construction industry until the business became a small contracting agency. However the stress of business ruined his health and he became impaired physically and disabled in his mid forties. Western medication did not work. Sharma heard about yoga and he went searching for yoga in India. Once he began practicing his health improved. He soon lost all interest in business. Yoga saved his life. So he decided to become an accomplished yoga master and give back to others in thanks for all he learned. Sharma decided to teach yoga to people throughout Bhutan.


He sold his business and sent his wife to study yoga in India at some of the most outstanding ashram. She is completing a masters degree in yoga and has been a gold medalist in world yoga championship. Together they will teach yoga across the country, however they have no resources to do this. SonamJatso is supporting the program by providing at Gakey House the yoga ashram facilities and apartment for Sharma and his wife to teach yoga and from Thimphu spread the word across the entire country.  Sonam is also using the platform of Gakey House to recruit students for Sharma. Yoga is a movement that in Bhutan can prevent illness and bring health and happiness to people, which is the theme of Gakey House.