Shruti Nada Poddar has revitalized the ancient Hindu art of sound healing. She came to realize the power of sound healing when taken ill many years ago and using the mantra sound "Aum" she began a process of self-healing. Rediscovering the ancient sound healing arts she has built an institution using sound systems to open chakra points and re-energize circulation toward providing comprehensive healing powers. Shruti has been teaching at her center in Rajasthan and conducting seminars and workshops globally in promoting the therapeutic powers of sound healing.


This ancient art (as with acupuncture previously) is not understood among western medical practitioners. However, scientifically all energy is transferred through either sound or light waves. If we understand that modern medical science adapts sound and light waves in countless forms of analysis and healing processes (such as radiology and ultrasound), then we can understand that by using sound Shruti is applying a more pure science that was discovered and evolved by ancient adepts whose knowledge is critical to health and well being today. It is about sustainability of health and well being for individuals and the planet.