We have crossed one month since the initial earthquake. Our team of Nepali and international volunteers (www.kavreearthquake.org) has distributed more than 12,000 waterproof tarps to about 70,000 people. We have mainly focused on Kavre district, though now also distributed tarps, demolition tools, and mosquito nets to Rasuwa, Dhading, Dolakha, and Kathmandu. Spreadsheet of interventions is attached. By May 31, this acute relief will be finished.

Yesterday our team was in the villages of Devitar and Ugrachandi Nala, where all of the homes are down and there has been loss of life, including children. But people are starting to recover and move on. Even the day after the earthquake women were grazing cattle.

It has gotten hot and humid in Kathmandu. Our concern has been and still is to deliver 15,000 tarps to the hardest hit families before the rains start. This is by no means a substitute for a house but it helps people stay dry and not live so densely or in the livestock shed, until they can reconstruct. The government has been distributing a very thin plastic sheet which is already starting to tear as winds quicken.

Since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, we have been fortunate to be supported by Karuna Foundation, Celeritas, Phul Maya Foundation, Avaaz, Friends of Nepal and also many individual donors.

Our team is preparing for our contribution to the long term relief which will be to create resource centers and innovative 'tool sheds' for a few villages where we saw need for training/education and also great possibilities. The scale is damage is so big (one-third of Nepal) that we need to focus on just a few communities and going deeply.