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Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your concern and good wishes since the devastating earthquake that occurred in Nepal on 25th April 2015. We have received an overwhelming number of emails, phone calls and messages, and are are deeply touched by your concern and eagerness to help. It has given us a great deal of strength and comfort in the past 10 days.

Measuring 7.8 richter, the earthquake left a profound trail of destruction in the villages surrounding Kathmandu, in Kavre District (where Dwarika’s Resort Dhulikhel is located), and in many other areas of central and western Nepal. As Dwarika’s Group of Hotels and Resorts and Kathmandu Travels and Tours, we are extremely grateful that our team members are all safe. The hotel and resort have experienced only superficial damage in limited areas, which will be addressed over the coming weeks.

So many others across Nepal have not been as fortunate. So far, almost 7,500 lives have been lost, and countless homes and villages destroyed. Some of our staff have lost their homes and all their belongings.

We have begun to do our part in rebuilding our country. After addressing the needs of our guests, staff and other tourists, four days ago, we began distributing food, tents and other essential supplies to affected areas where relief had not yet reached. We have groups of staff going out to survey the needs of remote communities, then immediately servicing these areas. Other staff members have been busy procuring and packing relief materials to send out. Once the immediate crisis has been managed, we intend to help people to reconstruct their homes and villages, and for this, we will need your support.

It is vitally important that Nepalis affected by this natural disaster are able rebuild their lives quickly, sustainably, and with dignity. From our side we have put in $30,000 to the fund to start things off. If you would like to join us, we would be grateful for any support that you could provide. This is not a short-term project. For the moment, we request you to gather donations, but not to send funds immediately. We will let you know as soon as the appropriate plans and processes are in place.

We will be keeping you updated on our work at In time, we also plan to begin a newsletter through which we will share further information. Please keep Nepal in your thoughts and prayers as we work on addressing and rising from this disaster.

With deep gratitude,
Ambica Shrestha, Sangita Shrestha Einhaus, Rene Vijay Shrestha Einhaus and the entire Dwarika’s and Kathmandu Travels & Tours family

WEEK 3: DAYS 19-20

Saturday, 16th May and Sunday, 17th May 2015

Since a large camp of over 250 displaced people from Sindhupalchowk District was brought to our attention, we have been working with the local authorities to quickly resettle the families in a suitable semi-permanent location. On Sunday, we were able to achieve this, and a hygeinic, well-equipped camp has been estabilshed for approximately 260 persons at a football ground in Boudha, Kathmandu.

Our engineering team has been working hard to deliver 2000 litres of clean water, a water filter, electricity for charging mobile phones, and lights in public areas. 18 large tents have been donated by the people of Oman, while BPW arranged for games for children, and the incredible duo from Portugal, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo, provided food items for the residents. A health camp was also arranged for camp members.

WEEK 3: DAY 18

Friday, 15th May 2015

The following items were distributed to the communities of Gaukharka (Wards 1-9), Nuwakot District:

- Rice                                            8200kg

- Daal (lentils)                                820kg

- Salt                                             820kg

- Biscuits                                        6560 packets

- Soap                                           820 pieces

- Oral Rehydration                         820 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins                         820 pieces

Trained medical personnel also conducted a small health camp.

While one team was in Nuwakot, another team visited the shelter for the elderly at Pashupatinath, close to the hotel. Here, food items including glucose powder and bananas were distributed.

WEEK 3: DAY 14

Monday, 11th May 2015

80 families in Lama Gaun, Naubise (Wards 1 and 9), Kalikasthan VDC:

- Rice                                            800kg

- Daal (lentils)                                80kg

- Salt                                             80kg

- Biscuits                                       400 packets

- Soap                                           80 pieces

- Oral Rehydration                          80 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins                          80 pieces


The following essential items were distributed to 120 families in Sunkhani, Dhading:

- Rice                                            1200kg

- Daal (lentils)                                120kg

- Salt                                             120kg

- Biscuits                                        600 packets

- Soap                                           120 pieces

- Oral Rehydration                      120 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins                       120 pieces

- Blankets                                       35 pieces

WEEK 2: DAY 13

Sunday, 10th May 2015

The following items were distributed to 210 families in Koshipari (Wards 4, 5 and 6), Saping VDC:

- Rice                          2100kg

- Daal (lentils)              210kg

- Salt                           210kg

- Biscuits                     1050 packets

- Soap                         210 pieces

- Oral Rehydration        210 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins        210 pieces

- Tents                        70 pieces

WEEK 2: DAY 12

Thursday, 7th May 2015

The following items were distributed in Wards 1-9, Sikre VDC, Nuwakot District:

- Rice                                      6915kg

- Dal                                       461kg

- Salt                                      461kg

- Biscuits                                 2305 packets

- Soap                                    461 pieces

- Oral Rehydration                 461 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins                 461 pieces

WEEK 2: DAY 11

Wednesday, 6th May 2015

Basic food, health and hygiene items were distributed to 200 families in Dhade Gaun, Nagarkot, Kavre District:

- Rice                                      3000kg

- Daal                                      200kg

- Salt                                       200kg

- Biscuits                                  1000 packets

- Soap                                     200 pieces

- Oral Rehydration                  200 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins                  200 pieces

WEEK 2: DAY 10

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

Basic food items and soap was distributed to 75 families at Darimbot & Chhoti Dada, Kavre (Ward 5), Kavre District:

- Rice                                     2250kg

- Daal                                     75kg

- Salt                                      75kg

- Oil                                        75 litres

- Soap                                    75 pieces


The following necessities were distributed to 130 families at Ichangu, Ratomato and Jungekhola villages, Nagarjun (Ward 2), Kathmandu, along with BPW, Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo:  

- Rice                                      1300kg

- Daal                                      130kg

- Salt                                       130kg

- Biscuits                                650 packets

- Soap                                     130 pieces

- Oral Rehydration             130 sachets

- Sanitary Napkins               130 pieces


The following necessities were distributed to 45 families at Thaple Danda and Virkot, Bhim Dhunga (Ward 10), Kathmandu, along with BPW:

- Rice                                      450kg

- Daal                                      45kg

- Salt                                       45kg

- Biscuits                                225 packets

- Soap                                     45 pieces

- Oral Rehydration             45 sachets

- Sanitary Napkin                 45 pieces


Similarly, the following items were delivered and distributed to 105 families at Ghempe Danda and Bista Gaun, Chapagaun (Ward 8), Lalitpur, alongside BPW:

- Rice                                      1050kg

- Daal                                     105kg

- Salt                                       105kg

- Biscuits                                525 packets

- Soap                                     105 pieces

- Oral Rehydration             105 sachets

- Sanitary napkin                105 pieces


Monday 4th May 2015

Kavre Bhadada (Ward 1), Sim Pokhari (Ward 8), Kavre District:

Rice 4350kg

Daal 500kg

Salt 145kg

Oil 145 litres

Soap 145 pieces


Kusha Debi VDC, Thede village, Sintang Dada and Dalit Basti, Kavre District, along with BPW:

Rice 1550kg

Dal 155kg

Salt 155kg

Biscuits 755 packets

Soap 155 pieces

Oral Rehydration Sachets 155 packets

Sanitary Napkins 155 pieces


Sunday 3rd May 2015

Naradevi, Kathmandu:

- Water 300 litres


Ward 8, Nagarjun Nagarpalika, Kathmandu:

- Rice 1150kg

- Dal 115kg

- Salt 115kg

- Oil 115 litres

- Biscuits 575 packets

- Soap 100 pieces


Wards 2, 3, 8, Kadambas, Sindhupalchowk District:

- Rice 3600kg

- Dal 300kg

- Oil 150kg

- Salt 150kg

- Soap 144 pieces


Saturday, 2nd May 2015

Food was provided for the settlements of Chilaune and Mul Kharka, Kathmandu:

- Beaten Rice 275kg

- Noodles 4500 packets

With support from Mr. Jabir Kasubhai and Mrs. Sofi Kasubhai, food was provided to 300 families in Tinghare village, Kavre District:

- Rice 900kg

- Daal (lentils) 60kg

- Soap 144 pieces

- Salt 50kg

- Cooking Oil 60 litres

- Candy 500 pieces

Food, sleeping mats and soap were distributed to 75 families in Patalekhet, Phulbari and Dapchha, Kavre District:

- Rice 750kg

- Daal (lentils) 90kg

- Salt 75kg

- Biscuits 450 packets

- Bananas 435 pieces

- Sleeping Mats 75 pieces

- Soap 100 pieces


Friday, 1st May 2015

Having ensured that our guests were able to depart Nepal safely, today we began our wider relief efforts. The following items were delivered to Nuwakot District, in collaboration with Business and Professional Women (BPW), Mr. Pedro Queiros and Mr. Lourenco Frguiredo:

- Bisuits  40 packets

- Noodles 40 packets

- Glucose Powder 2kg

- Salt 4kg

- Sugar 2kg

- Beaten Rice 8kg

- Dalmot (lentil snack) 4kg

WEEK 1: DAYS 0-5

Saturday 25th April – Thursday 30th April

Many of our rooms were booked on the day of the earthquake, and tens more guests were unable to leave due to the airport being closed. In addition to our own guests, on the day of the earthquake and in the days that followed, the hotel became a safe haven for any tourists who were in need of a free place to stay, eat, or just charge their phones and devices during the day so that they could contact loved ones back home. We took care of guests from countries including Portugal, Spain, France, Venezuela, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia and others.

During these days, our team was occupied with taking care of our guests, assisting them with travel arrangements, and coordinating with embassies and consulates.