"We are now channeling all funds to Chaukath VDC Ward No 8 in Sindhupalchowk where about 560 houses have been destroyed affecting 3000+ people. Tomorrow relief is moving there and we were thinking of utilizing funds for providing temporary transitional housing for these people and take care of sanitation issues. Also on relief there is quite good response and now we feel time to move to next stage.  We are looking at doing it in clusters and the money can be utilized for this. To ensure transparency, we will ensure we handed it over to the users group and we will be supervising the utilization and an initial breakdown of emergency funds will be used as follows:

First US$10,000 for 400 tents x $25 ‎each so people can have shelter against the impending monsoons

Second US$5,000 for a singly water purifier for the community as water lines and sewage were broken during the earthquake and clean water is critical in prevention of disease and dehydration  

Third US$ 2,500 for 500 Food Packs at US$5 each." 

Please send donations to:


Account Name: Nepal Economic Forum

Beneficiary Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd

Account Number: 01-1993471-01

Swift Code: SCBLNPKA

Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal P.O. Box 3990

We have received a lot of requests from people who want to make contributions and offers for volunteering. We would like to channelize our energy through our not for profit Nepal Economic Forum (www.nepaleconomicforum.org) to act as a “Philanthropic Exchange” to be able to receive money to give to institutions and communities that need the most. Since there are many global and local organizations who are good with their job, we will choose between them and also explore community based organizations that are credible that can deliver quickly. We see there is lack of expertise in co-ordination and supply chain management for a disaster of such scales, we would like to get international folks who can do this whether as volunteers or on assignment.

   I wish we could write to each individual who thought of us and sent us messages, made calls and visited us in person in these trying times. We cannot personally thank each of you but feel fortunate that we have so many people who care!  For people in Nepal, life is not going to be the same as we dabble between thinking of our individual/family needs and the needs of the needy. We spent three nights outside our homes, we were lucky we could sleep in the car and come out every time, the earth shook. However, we also know of many who are unfortunate and still live in an unknown space staring at an unknown future.  

Some beeds are in Rwanda, other beeds in Nepal are safe but houses of two associates have been destroyed. The office building has also no problem.

We keep looking around for internet connectivity and solar electricity has been useful to charge our devices. We are yet to get electricity connection restored but we learn more areas are getting electricity back. We anyways had scheduled 6 hours of daily power cuts but we are missing those 18 hours too! Water will be an issue as we are not sure when the water connections will be restored.


The aftershocks have receded but the chill in the spine has not as we feel the earth moving every moment we move. Not a good feeling to have! We take this as a moment of rebirth and look at the lessons we learn in such events and crisis. I continued to check on extended family members, friends and colleagues. I continued to be active in social media and keep writing. I did two columns one for The Hindustan Times, (New Delhi) and The Kathmandu Post, the Nepal national daily where I write an Oped that is published alternative Tuesdays. Link to the two columns are given below:


Hindustan Times - http://www.hindustantimes.com/analysis/nepal-quake-turn-this-calamity-into-an-opportunity/article1-1341292.aspx


The Kathmandu Post - http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2015/04/27/related_articles/all-shook-up/275816.html