Himalayan Consensus founder has appealed on China Central TV nightly for earthquake relief, coordinating messages from Nepal for China aid, helicopters and medical teams.

Himalayan Consensus founder Laurence Brahm sat down with the Nepalese Ambassador to China, Dr. Mahesh Maskey, and the host of the popular CCTV News show Dialogue on April 28th to discuss disaster relief in Nepal and China's role in relief efforts and future rebuilding of infrastructure. 

Dr. Mahesh stressed the importance of receiving technical support from international communities, reiterating that while Nepal has the manpower and skills to rebuild, it doesn't have the technology or finances to rebuild at the level necessary to increase and maintain the quality of life for its citizens.

The Ambassador mentioned the long lasting and important friendship between China and Nepal, and requested specific help from China in the form of specialized helicopters that are suited for rescue and relief operations in the mountainous regions of Nepal, which are already difficult to reach without the horrendous destruction caused by the earthquake.

Dr. Mahesh touched on the importance of coordinating relief in the next few weeks, as death tolls will continue to rise, and how paramount it is to mobilize now before the spread of disease from polluted waterways and decaying bodies. The massive disaster will create a great demand for a long term vision of reconstruction.

Laurence touched on China's experience with previous earthquakes and how the knowledge and know-how is invaluable at this time. China also has this opportunity to gain trust by exerting soft power in the form of aid and support.

This is an urgent time for international aid, and China has the resources necessary for this disaster in the form of excellent mobile hospitals and specialized helicopters and pilots. Laurence also mentioned  how clean water is the most important resource right now. People can go days without food, but clean water for drinking and cleansing wounds is of extreme importance.

Sanitation is the next most important issue, so disease doesn't spread, which will exacerbate already dire conditions in Nepal. 

Both the Ambassador and Laurence agreed that the international community must come together now to support Nepal with funding and technical support to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.