Khunu is one of the world's first brands to focus on products made from yak fibre. It was founded in 2009 by Julian Wilson and Aaron Pattillo who wanted to create a for-profit enterprise that made great products and connected remote communities to a global marketplace.

The initial idea was developed during a bitterly cold mid-December trip to the Tibetan plateau over sips of hearty yak milk tea. During their stay it became apparent to the founders that yaks were integral to the survival of their nomadic hosts – they provided not only the shelter, sustenance and fuel herders needed, but also yielded a fibre that could be made into fantastic products should the right market opportunity be provided. The problem was nobody was providing that opportunity.

Khunu was created to provide that opportunity. It has been a blurring journey that has connected a global group of like-minded people - people who believe that imagination and innovation can create opportunity, that quality products should be made conscientiously, and that exploring the world and its multiple cultures is a great thing to do.

We’re on a mission to build a network of partner communities and low-impact manufacturers that benefit from our own development. We do this by sourcing fairly and re-investing 2% of our revenues back into these partnerships so growth is fair, equitable and mutually sustainable.

The quality of a product comes not only through the materials and skills by which it’s made, but also the way it functions effortless season after season. We design and develop with this, and the impact of our manufacturing in mind, so you can purchase something you will truly value for years to come.

T. S. Eliot once said that exploring allows people to really know the place they started from. Our journeys have taken us to strange places that are now familiar, made us wiser about ourselves, and continue to be our daily source of inspiration.