The Himalayan Consensus as a Process – 2016 Outcomes

The first Himalayan Consensus Summit proved to be more than a conference, but rather an actual process.

Over the course of two days it convened an unprecedented open and proactive dialogue between environmentalists, civil society, business and finance leaders together with government in an open dialogue in seeking pragmatic solutions to the urgency of climate disruption and challenges of community empowerment. 

HC Summit 2016


The Himalayan Consensus emphasized the importance of heritage and cultural preservation. Individual projects initiated by the Himalayan Consensus were unveiled on the eve of the Summit included restoration of the Sulema Temple in Patan which has sparked community heritage rehabilitation post 2015 earthquake, and the restoration of a historic Lama’s residence in Boudhanath.


The Himalayan Consensus Summit this past March exceeded everyone's expectations. Immediate outcomes of the first Himalayan Consensus Summit include:

1)    Commitment to convene the HC Summit annually each March in Kathmandu (as the "Davos of the Himalayas");

2)    To convene 3-5 workshops in neighboring Himalayan countries to select speakers and refine the program/panels/issues in preparation for each Summit;

3)    Each annual Summit outcome document will be published as a book with chapters drawn from the individual presentations and sent to key policymakers and heads of state in our region;

4)    Inception of a Himalayan Consensus renewable energy and water conservation fund in collaboration with institutional investors;

5)    Inception of a small cap fund for preservation of heritage and culture through micro-business models. 


During the Summit the Himalayan Consensus Board invited the following keynote speakers to join the Himalayan Consensus Honorary Board:

     -       Niruapama Rao, India’s Foreign Secretary (2009-2011), and former Indian Ambassador to China and the             USA.

-       Zhang Zhiping, Executive President, Finance Centerfor South-South Cooperation.

-       John and Doris Naisbitt, authors of Megatrends, Asia Megatrends, China Megatrends, Global Game                 Changer.

-       Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda, former Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information             Infrastructure and Innovation, and cabinet minister.

-       Leela Mani Paudyal, Former Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal.

-       Zhu Yanlai, Vice President Bank of China, Hong Kong.


In addition the following participants were elected to the Executive Board of Himalayan Consensus:

     - Mahendra Lama, Professor of South Asia Economies, School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru           University, New Delhi,

     - Li Lin, Executive Director of WWF China,

     - Ambica Shresta, founder and President of Dwarikas Hotel and Resorts were elected to the Executive                 Board of Himalayan Consensus.



The main sponsors of the Himalayan Consensus Summit 2016 are: