Shruti Nada Poddar is working closely with government authorities in Rajasthan who through her quiet and concentrated lobbying have realized the importance of preserving heritage while revitalizing communities. Only through community empowerment will people understand the immense value of their culture and its importance in their own economic viability. 


Leading with her own restoration of traditional havali courtyard palaces, turning these into her vedic sound healing center and retreat-spa, she is demonstrating the power of self-empowerment through heritage preservation and adaption of ancient local wisdom into a modern lifestyle choice. Her efforts have won international acclaim from leading gender activists and heritage preservationists and more significantly has turned heads among officials in Rajasthan making them more aware then ever of what they have culturally and its significance in evolving a holistic model of economic development. Shruti is serving as an ambassador of projects for the region in not only heritage preservation but the interconnected aspects of community, waste and water management, agriculture and environment.